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Hit up South Beach Miami in Style! What to pack

March 15, 2014

Would we be right in guessing that whenever you picture yourself in Miami you’re dressed in a bikini or shorts and not much more? Yup, we feel you. But Miami is a tropical, trendy city, and we want you to pack everything you’ll need to enjoy it to the full. Start with these suggestions and customize at will!

Sunglasses: Even it you’re visiting in winter, the Miami sun is bright pretty much year round. Protect your peepers and look stylish and celeb-worthy at the same time. Bonus: they’ll hide the day-after-an-all-nighter eyes you’re bound to wake up with. While you’re at it, throw in some sunscreen – no one wants to chat up a lobster.

One dressed-up outfit: Miami is generally a pretty casual vibe, but you may want to go to an exclusive restaurant, upscale bar, or the theatre. Bring one outfit that won’t get you turned away at the door.

Lightweight long sleeved top and pants: Don’t rule out a little hiking or a day in the everglades – it would add a whole new dimension to your trip! Long sleeves and pants will protect your skin from grasses, branches, and annoying insects like mosquitoes. They’ll also come in handy on chilly evenings.

Running shoes: South Beach residents are fit, and you might just be inspired to join the joggers, cyclists and roller bladers that are a quintessential part of the SoBe scene on Ocean Drive. So pack your sneakers and some breathable shorts and get sweating!

Spanish phrasebook: Well, you do want to make an effort for the hot Cuban dancing salsa with you, right?!

What you don’t need:

Stay in one of our fully furnished studios and you don’t need to worry about towels or a hairdryer, which are provided for you, or a guide book, because your local concierge service can recommend great places to eat, drink, and dance! You won’t need to bring lots of extra cash for meals out, because you’ll have a fully-equipped kitchen to whip up snacks. And if you need something extra like an adaptor or charger – we can try to find one for you!


Awesome Miami Activities You Never Considered

January 15, 2014

When people think about Miami they normally default to the sun, sea and sand vision of this popular southern destination – and if you’re staying in one of our apartments in South Beach, then you know how exciting this part of the city can be. But there is so much more to this little corner of Florida, with something to satisfy everyone from art lover to surfer chick. Here are some activities you never knew Miami was great for:

Hiking: With it’s tropical flora and plentiful wildlife, Miami is perfect for nature-lovers and hiking enthusiasts alike. Check out Ash Creek Park, the site of a Tequesta Indian village between 500 B.C. and 1300 A.D., or the Anhinga Trail in the Everglades National Park, where you’ll have no trouble spotting alligators sunning themselves by the waterfront.

Food: You may be aware of the myriad of incredible restaurants in Miami – but there’s only so many times a day one can eat out. Fill in the gaps with food tours and cooking classes. The highly rated excursions at Miami Culinary Tours include tastings and trivia for lots of different neighborhoods, while Ayesha’s Kitchen offers up something a little different – Indian cooking classes guaranteed to get your tastebuds tingling.

Adventure Sports: Ever heard of a flyboard? Well, it’s a jetpack that goes on your feet – think snowboarding on air – and you can do it right here in Miami! With training from a skilled instructor and a little practice, you can surf the sky or go underwater – all with the exhilarating propulsion of your own personal jetpack.

Boating: Could there be a more romantic way to see Miami than from a sailboat at sunset? Join one of the Biscayne Bay tours which stop at exotic islands and beautiful bird sanctuaries, or splash out and charter a boat for a luxury getaway to the Florida Keys.

History: Miami was a hot destination long before the Kardashians went shopping there. Join one of History Miami’s walking tours and learn all about the art deco architecture of South Beach, the cuban influence in Little Havana, and the botanical gardens by the Collins Canal.