Our 5 Most Popular Vacation Rentals in South Beach

May 14, 2015
Beautiful Vacation Rental in South Beach

A prime vacation destination for travellers all across North America (and beyond), Miami’s South Beach has never been made more accessible and affordable to visit. Why? Because quality lodging in the sunny city of Miami is available to any travel thanks to the fully furnished apartments provided by Corporate Stays.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’re going to want to stay in an aesthetically pleasing abode that ideally won’t cost a fortune. Hotels are pretty much out of that equation, as any hotel in South Beach is more than a tad pricey. As such, furnished apartments as your best option, letting you travel in luxury while saving some money to spend on drinks at the beach.


To get a sense of the beautiful apartments offered to anyone heading to Miami’s South Beach, check out Corporate Stays’ 5 Most Popular Vacation Rentals in South Beach.


The Etruria Apartment

You won’t even miss your own home when you stay at the Etruria Apartment, because not only does the décor emit a truly homey atmosphere, you’ll have plenty of space and every luxury. For a lot of folks, this spot may even be nicer than you’re actual apartment. Perfect for anyone traveling with friends, you’ll definitely be able to host a group before the beach or after with the spacious living room and kitchen combo, an asset to any who are looking to save money on food and drinks while in Miami.Beautiful vacation rental in south beach

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The Chronos Apartment

Smack dab in the heart of South Beach, you’ll be given every convenience while in the Chronos Apartment. Large windows will let in all the shining sun, the bright colour scheme will ensure the atmosphere is always inviting, and the fully furnished setup (including HDTV cable, WiFi and an appliance-equipped kitchen) promises every moment you’re in the apartment will meet every necessity. Not that you’ll be indoors too much, what with sandy beaches only minutes away.Beautiful Vacation Rental in  South Beach

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The Mermaid Apartment

A hidden gem within the South Beach area, the name of this apartment showcases what you’ll be doing while you’re staying in Miami: swimming. You will live the mermaid life of swaying in the ocean and relaxing on the beach, but don’t think you won’t find the same sense of tranquility within your fully furnished apartment. Not only will you find everything you need in the Mermaid Apartment, you’ll also have access to Corporate Stays concierge service, giving you access to rental cars, tour group reservations, and more.Beautiful Vacation Rental in South Beach

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The RemX Suite

 A definite switch up from your apartment at home, the RemX Suite will have you traveling in style. An original mural graces an entire wall of the fully furnished apartment which will visually bring you to a sunset on the beach, even from the comfort of your bed. A supreme location for anyone staying in the South Beach neighborhood, the RemX Suite is only minutes to the beach by foot and nearby various restaurants, spas, and clubs. No matter your travel-style, whether it be to relax or to party a bit, you’ll find everything you need when staying in the RemX Suite.Beautiful apartment rental in South Beach

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The Evelyn Apartment

Chic and spacious, you may not even want to head out of the Evelyn apartment. Why? Well, the 42” flat-screen and high speed internet will definitely have something to do with it. Enjoy the beach during the day then head into the air conditioned apartment and watch a movie in the evening, it’s a perfect set up. Don’t spend too much time here though, as the Evelyn apartment is incredibly close to the shops, restaurants, cafes and everything else that’s to be found along the pedestrian paradise that is Lincoln Road.evelyn-miami-beach-rental-007-

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