5 Reasons Why Brazilians Should Go to Miami Beach

April 7, 2015

Brazilians are quickly becoming well-traveled when it comes to vacationing in the US, and no city is more popular than Miami! It makes sense though doesn’t it? Crystal blue water, white sandy beaches, and that certain flavor of music and food that makes people want to dance the night away and eat to their heart’s content.

Yes, Miami Beach brings the party, but it also has other huge points that make it an attractive place for Brazilians to visit, and we’ve got it figured out. It’s the hospitality that allows tourists to communicate with their guides and hosts, the amazing shopping, and so much more! Read on to find out why Brazilians love coming to Miami Beach…


Portuguese-Speaking Hosts, Guides, etc.

Because so many Brazilians are coming to Miami each year, businesses and tourist operations have decided to start offering their services with guides and leaders who speak Portuguese. This is an important aspect of travel that most people can’t understand unless they’ve traveled to a place with an entirely different language.

Miami Beach 411 has Portuguese tours for the Everglades and Miami itself, so you can have a blast while listening to something other than one of those clinical headsets with pre-recorded info on it. Having the ability to understand all of the facts and information that’s being conveyed makes a huge difference. It’s also a thoughtful way to let a specific subset of tourists know that they’re valued, and Brazilians are definitely valued visitors in Miami Beach.


Affordable Timeshares and Vacation Properties

Brazilians are looking North when it comes to purchasing real estate, and even if it’s just a timeshare or vacation rental, Miami Beach is full of properties in condo complexes, apartment buildings, and other beach front properties, and they’re quite affordable when compared to staying in a hotel. The other clincher here is that most of these are right where the action is on Miami Beach, so you’ll be able to go out for dinner in a flash, use the building’s fitness facilities like they’re your own, and hit the nightclubs without being too far away to walk back to home base. Just think about having a place you can come to for a portion of every year! 



The Shopping is Awesome

We all know how much you love shopping! Well, everyone loves shopping, but we know that Brazilians happen to have a taste for fine things, and Miami Beach has a few hot spots to check out that are definitely worth a look. Lincoln Road Mall is a unique outdoor boulevard and mall with all kinds of vendors and shops that range from budget to high end, and there are also pubs and restaurants for when you hit a slump and want a few drinks and lunch. This mall is also close to a lot of hotels, so it makes perfect sense to make a day of it here. Aside from Lincoln Road, you can also find boutiques on Collins and Washington Avenues as well as Espanola Way. It’s a veritable feast for the eyes and your closet!


Luxury Spa Experiences on the Beach

Miami Beach is a big tourist destination, but it’s not Sao Paulo, so Brazilians will love how quiet and peaceful the beach can be at times. Where does one find peace while on the beach? The luxury spas with and resorts with private beaches are a good place to start.

The Palms Hotel & Spa is one of these sanctuaries that you can visit over a single day or use it as a place of retreat and rejuvenating body treatments both for singles and couples. The Spa is a part of Aveda, so it’s top notch, and you can get a couples massage under a tropical gazebo outside overlooking the beach in addition to the other cutting edge treatments for your face, body, and sanity. There’s no better way to de-stress!


Electric Nightlife

Much like the guided tours and other businesses that have chosen to make Brazilians feel welcome by learning more about them and their culture, nightclubs are following suit by holding fun Brazilian themed events and celebrations. Restaurants are also trying to join the club by offering up dishes that are native to Brazil, and there are even places that serve exclusively Brazilian fare.

Everyone knows that Brazilians live life with passion: passionate dance, passionate food, passionate music…these are all things that the nightlife out in Miami Beach are all about! Mansion is a good place to start. They’ve got events, a glorious sound system, light shows, and VIP service that you can bank on. One can easily do a club crawl to almost every club on the strip in a single evening or split it up into different stretches. It’ll be a blast no matter what!


It’s prtty clear that Miami Beach is the place to be if you’re coming from Brazill. The nightlife, vacation rental opportunities, and spas are just a few of the pros for why you might want to take a flight north. There’s also the Art Deco District and a lot of opportunities to have fun out on the water too. Bring your family or come out with friends. SoBe is here and waiting with open arms!


To all you Brazilians out there looking to rent a furnished apartment in Miami beach, take a look HERE! 


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