Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day in South Beach Miami

February 3, 2015

Let’s be real: although it’s the perfect day to get closer to your better half, Valentines Day is also an occasion for high expectations. Get it right, and you’ll be a hero for the rest of the year, but mess up and it could spell doom for your relationship. No pressure!

The key to knowing how to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day is knowing your partner. Their likes, dislikes, interests, and personality should be taken into consideration when creating the perfect evening for two. This is one date night where attention to detail pays off big time, so cover these bases and you’ll be golden.


Start With Apps

No, not the kind on your smartphone, but the kind you order at a restaurant. The reason you should do this instead of ordering a full-out meal is fairly obvious. You want to make this night last, and it won’t last very long if you order a bottle of house red and set up camp at a restaurant. A big part of having the perfect Valentine’s Day is creating a slow burn. Order a full meal and you’ll have blown your budget and be uncomfortably stuffed within an hour or two. Not good. Try a romantic restaurant like Cafe Prima Pasta just before their dinner rush, and order a hot and cold appetizer to share. Try a plate of Calamari and Bruschetta or do a salad and a hot app. Your night’s just getting started so keep it light so you don’t crash mid-date.


Do Something Fun

Now that you’ve had a nibble and enjoyed a drink or two, head over to a place where the two of you can do something fun together. Movie buffs will love heading to a theater to see a film. Independent film nuts will love the Miami Beach Cinématique with its historic feel, intimate screening room, and vintage design. For those who crave a bit more adventure can check out a place like EscapeQuest for an hour long game to see who can work together to solve puzzles and escape from a prison cell. Unconventional? Yes, but it’s a great way to build your connection and have fun doing it. If you’re looking to do something blissful and relaxing, you can stroll down the beach completely free of charge, or you can book a couples massage at Tao Spa. Their couples package is very affordable in comparison to the rest of the area and will loosen the both of you up for the next stop in your evening.


Something Sweet for My Sweet

After fun comes dessert, and nothing is more romantic than grabbing ice cream, sharing a milkshake, or having something devilishly decadent. Head to a gelato shop with tons of flavors like Gelato-Go for a quick and easy gelato on a cone or in a cup. If you’re hungrier than a piece of cheesecake can fulfill, you can share a dinner plate at Yardbird Southern Bar & Grill. Yardbird is a Southern food restaurant with delicious desserts and amazing meals. Lots of visitors are in love with their Chicken and Waffles, Red Velvet Cake, and the Bourbon. Try to keep away from heavy or sleepy foods like ribs. You’re not done yet.


Drinks and Music

The perfect end to the perfect evening involves drinks and music. End yours at a relaxed bar like The Broken Shaker. The cocktails and easygoing atmosphere will help wind it all down, and there are a few quiet corners in the venue where you can chat before heading home. Try a few different cocktails or surprise your lover with something new from their expert and innovative menu.


There you have it! The perfect plan for Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to follow the formula to a tee, but remember to take the framework into account as well as what you and your partner enjoy doing most. The point is to really milk it. It’s one day of the whole year, and you can have a blast with your loved one in lieu of gifts. Make it a night to remember and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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