Top Things to do on the Beach in Miami

January 12, 2015
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Miami has miles upon miles of sandy beaches where tourists can lounge around and swim, but a vacation wouldn’t be very much of a vacation if you weren’t willing to try out a few activities that can’t be reproduced in your backyard. Whether you’re doing yoga during sunrise or scuba diving offshore, it is possible to find other fun activities to outside of the typical beach tanning. Check out these fun and interesting things to do on the beach in Miami.


Go Kayaking

What better way to see Biscayne Bay in Miami than from the water? Although you may not technically be on the beach, you’ll pretty darn close to it when you rent a kayak from one of the many outdoor adventure companies on the water. Oleta River State Park is right by Biscayne Bay and offers a variety of activities within park limits that include kayaking and canoeing. You can go in pairs or captain your own kayak while paddling along the beach in the bay with a killer view of Downtown Miami. -and just think of the calories you could burn before taking on the nightlife in South Beach!


Learn to Surf

A lot of people don’t have the opportunity back home to learn how to surf, but South Beach has a great surfing area where beginners and professionals can all enjoy the waves. The South Beach Dive and Surf Center offers surfing lessons complete with equipment rentals, so you can get off the towel and do something where you can experience the power of the tides for yourself while under the watchful eye of an instructor and with the proper equipment. Again, there aren’t many places to do some surfing if you live in a landlocked city, so why not try it out?


Yoga on the Beach

Every morning at sunrise and every evening at sunset, 3rd Street Beach is home to a group of yoga enthusiasts who take part in an instructor-led class each day of the week and all year long. 3rd Street Beach Yoga, as it has come to be called, is an amazing class with even more amazing views. It was started over 15 years ago when one woman decided to do yoga on the beach. The story continues to show that the idea snowballed into a class that has been doing quite well. Participation is on a donations only basis too, so you can take part in this activity when you’re on a tight budget.



If you want to spend some time zipping around on the water, why not rent a jet-ski? Doctor Jet Ski rents out boats and jet-skis from the inner edge of South Beach and gives people the option of doing a quick hour-long jaunt or renting their watercraft for the day. That means that you can rip around the water and to a marina for lunch before returning later on. Doctor Jet Ski even offers discounts on their rentals, so you save a little too.


Spike It!

Those who are especially enthusiastic about athletics will adore playing volleyball or watching one of the tournaments that’s always happening on Miami Beach. Miami Beach Volleyball has options for forming teams, playing a few games with family, or entering competitively into one of their events. They believe in helping people enjoy the sport without having to be an expert, so they’re quite patient if you don’t know the first thing about volleyball but still want to try.


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