Snap These Sights! The Six Best South Beach Miami Photo Ops

December 22, 2014
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What’s a vacation without the photos?!When you travel to a place as beautiful as South Beach Miami, there’s no excuse not to have a stack of gorgeous photos to post for friends, send to family, and keep for your own private collection. You will, no doubt, point and click seventy times at each location you visit in SoBe, but for some really instagrammable moments, visit these six exquisite sites on South Beach to get the best shots ever.


Pretty Sunsets

There is nothing out there quite like the sight of a pink and gold sunset dancing with the reflection of water, and one of the most amazing photos you can bring home from a vacation in a place with such incredible ocean views. Water Sports Miami Beach offers a really unique experience and opportunities to snap that one-of-a-kind picture of a sunset with their 2 hr. Champagne Sunset Sail, which sails right into South Beach waters in the Art Deco area for sunset along with bubbly and a few friends.


Sunken Treasure and Tropical Fish

If you’ve got a Go Pro or a waterproof camera, you absolutely have to go on a dive in the waters off of South Beach and capture a few photos of colorful and unique marine life on the coral reefs or living inside one of the wrecks that the South Beach Dive and Surf Center takes tourists to. You don’t have to be an advanced diver either, they offer some amazing snorkeling and diving excursions for beginners and advanced divers alike. Those backdrops will make for some awesome selfies too.


The Beach

If you’ve had your fill of aerial, underwater, and sun-centered photos, it’s clearly time to take your shoes off and take a stroll down in the warm sand at the beach itself. You can take a couple shots of the shoreline, the unique lifeguard stations, or do a few closeups of the diverse array of seashells found on the beach for something a little different.


The Boardwalk

Nothing is more breathtaking than the scenery of a beach, the ocean, and lush vegetation all at once. The Miami Beach Boardwalk is especially pretty if you visit the northern portion, which has a true wooden boardwalk that runs from 46th Street to 23rd Street and a paved portion further south. You could even sit at a bench and wait for the sun to hit just the right spot in the sky before taking the perfect wallpaper photo.


Exotic Flowers

Once you’ve finished taking all of the landscape shots you can handle, try out a few closeup pics of the exotic flowers at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. You can also take great photos of the oddly shaped tropical trees, ponds or fountains, and interesting wildlife that populates the park. Totally out of the ordinary, and very cool.


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