South beach’s craziest cocktails – have you tried them?

November 10, 2014

The South Beach strip has a reputation for fun under the sun, and it takes this reputation seriously. Case in point – the drinks. Everywhere you go, you’ll find huge drinks, slushy drinks, brightly coloured drinks, drinks inside other drinks, drinks in buckets,


La Baguette: Be warned: you are not going here for wonderful service or gourmet food – you’re here for sheer, mindblowing size.  On Ocean Drive right across from the beach, you’ll be tempted in by the 2-for-1 cocktails during happy hour, shocked that they’re $60, but happy and too drunk to worry about it by the time you’ve made your way to the bottom of the fishtank-sized glass. When you think about the fact that it’s really 4 drinks in one, the price doesn’t seem so bad! (The Champagne mojito comes with 2 mini bottles of champagne tipped upside down in the glass) If you’re not on a budget, opt for the seafood paella to soak up some of that alcohol.


Katsuya: This modern, chic Japanese spot has some excellent food, but if you like fiery flavours, you should go just for the Burning Mandarin cocktail. A mix of absolut mandarin vodka, fresh lemon and orange juice and a splash of cranberry, finished with some hand-crushed serrano chili – your mouth won’t know what hit it! Cool off with some ceviche, or the famous crispy rice.


Living Room: Although this bar is located in the lobby of the W Hotel on South Beach, Living Room has actually got a great cozy feel, and it’s shelves are packed full of delicious ingredients like fruits, herbs, & edible flowers. Their cocktail menu is divided into categories like Infundo (infused) and Laboratorium (molecular mixology). You should start with an innovative concoction like the Lividus, with organic raspberries and fresh Japanese yuzu citrus soaked in lavender-infused gin and then follow that up with Electric Watermelon, which features rosemary honey, peach bitters, and bourbon topped honeydew juice that’s been gelled into little balls, just like caviar!





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