Love to run? Our top picks for jogging in South Beach

October 2, 2014

Not just a location for beaches and partying, South Beach Miami has a great number of jogging  routes for the fitness enthusiast – how else do you think the beautiful people on the beach stay that way? A word of warning though, the Caribbean climate may make running a little more difficult until you get used to the humidity, so early morning or dusk are better times to head out.

Classic Beach Route
Check out the glorious white beaches (and beach bodies) and head out along a route that goes from Lincoln Road, Espanola Way, Ocean Drive, the South Pointe Marine and back. Start off by running west along Lincoln Road, trying not to let the pedestrians break your rhythm. The road is a great pedestrian hang out and is lined with shops and cafes, so don’t be tempted to stop for a latte before the hard work is done. You are rewarded with the beach at the end of the run, so cool off in the best
way possible – dive right in! This route was devised by Florida runner Keith Hauser on Jogging Routes so check out a map of this route there.

The Bay to Beach Route
To take in the full beauty of South Beach, consider running the “Sobe Circumference run”, thus named because it involves doing exactly that – running the circumference of South Beach. This 6.72 mile route sees you running along sand and pavement to really test what you’re made of. Sand running is not for the faint hearted! A map and route details can be found on

Parkland Routes
If running along the beach gets you a little too hot and bothered, try a refreshing run in the cool shade of the local South Beach parklands. Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove will have you thinking less of the pain you’re in and more about the spectacular ocean views. A haven of cool greenery in a bayside locale, this park path has recently been repaved, a blessing to runners and their shonky knees. An added bonus is the exercise
equipment added throughout the park. If running the park length isn’t challenging enough, start here and then run along Rickenbacker Ridge and back. South Pointe Park is another running hotspot and is considered to be somewhere to see and be
seen! It is a popular park with view of the Port of Miami and you will need to share it with walkers, runners, dogs, kids and picnics. It’s expensive to park, so perhaps it’s best for a short run.

To find out more about the parkland routes, check out CBS Miami.

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