Make Miami your base and explore Florida

August 29, 2014

Browse through this blog and you’ll see that there are a hundred and one things to do in Miami. But if you’re staying for an extended period and feel like a road trip or two, most of the cool cities and attractions of the region are pretty accessible. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination…

Orlando, Mecca of theme parks, is ideal for when you need to entertain the little ones. But if theme parks aren’t your cup of tea, Orlando also offers some more grown-up, cultural attractions, such as the Art Museum and the Science Museum. And since NASA is not too far away, you could visit Rocket Park in the morning and spend the afternoon on the sands at Cocoa Beach.

Palm Beach is the perfect destination for those who like to socialize and sit in the sun. Swimming, sailing, snorkelling and fishing is common here, although many visitors are happy with just admiring the Atlantic Ocean, the exotic gardens in front of hotels, the exotic birds and iguanas that appear from time to time, or, let’s face it, the other beachgoers!

Jungle Island is a big zoological park, situated on Watson Island, where you can find species from all over the world, including picturesque replicas of their natural habitat. Believe it or not, it’s as fun for adults as it is for kids.

But speaking of kids, Miami Seaquarium is another great day out for the family. Situated in the southern part of Virginia Key Island, it has many facilities and pools that offer unique water shows with fish, mammals, turtles, killer whales, dolphins and more.

The Everglades National Park is a must-visit in South Florida, with multiple eco-systems that will surprise and fascinate you (try to get a guided tour to get the full enjoyment). Jut a couple of hours from Miami, you can camp or hike on this trip, and we recommend both: watching the sunset over the water is magical.

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