Love Art? Check out 5 cool galleries near South Beach

September 8, 2014

South Beach Miami, is a sunny Mecca of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and beaches, but what some visitors forget is that there’s also an abundance of fantastic art in this little corner of the world. For many artists, collectors, and gallery owners in South beach and Wynwood, art is more than a pastime – it’s a way of life, and there is art everywhere in the city. From oil paintings to sculptures and everything in between, you’re bound to find something that will stick with you long after you get home. Take a peek at these five options if you’re in the mood to browse:

ArtCentre: A little-known gem on Lincoln Road, this two-story working gallery/studio is free to visit, and the coolest thing is that you can watch (and chat with) the artists at work. Modern and off-beat, it’s a great showcase of local talent, and you can buy any of the artworks that catch your eye!

Effusion Gallery: Effusion Gallery is one of the best in Miami, so wear comfortable shoes and plan to stay a while.  Inside, you’ll find an array of beautiful sculptures from 35+ artists. Each piece represents the vibrancy the city has to offer, rich in detail and indulgent enough to tingle all of your senses.

Damien B. Contemporary Art Gallery: Get together with the buds and make your way to the Damien B. Contemporary Art Gallery for a taste of something new in Miami. Here you will find a huge 8,000 square-foot gallery packed with European-style paintings and more.

Diaspora Vibe Art Gallery: At the Diaspora Vibe Art Gallery, you certainly will have good vibrations tingling through your body.  Latin American and Caribbean arts come to life here, and if you are an artist, you can check out the selection of residence programs that might tempt you to make your stay in Miami a more permanent one!

Britto Central: The art work found inside Britto Central will make you feel good inside and out, with colorful pieces and vibrant works of Romero Britto. Along with this must-visit gallery, you  can also see his pieces at various locations throughout the city.

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