Love fish? Top seafood restaurants in South Beach

July 27, 2014

There are few things more disappointing than sitting on a gorgeous oceanfront restaurant, only to find out that the tasteless seafood in front of you has been frozen solid between the moment it was caught and ended up on your plate. There’s no doubt about it, the best seafood is fresh seafood. If you want to enjoy seafood where the chefs know to accentuate the natural flavors of the sea without overwhelming, then check out these excellent seafood restaurants in Miami Beach.

A Fish Called Avalon

The historic Avalon Majestic hotel hasn’t changed a great deal since the architectural resurrection across Miami Beach. The indoor restaurant and tiered dining patio are relaxed and inviting; the use of quality local ingredients really make the dishes here stand out, and while there’s a limited wine list available, there is no doubt that even the more discriminating connoisseur will find a selection or two. For a menu and reservations, go to their official website.

Joe’s Stone Crab

This South Beach restaurant has been an institution since the early 1900s, serving the distinctively sweet claw of the stone crab. While there’s been expansion and renovation, the concept behind Joe’s Stone Crab remains gratifyingly simple. Because no reservations are accepted, it may be a lilttle wait for a table, so come moderately hungry and build your appetite in line. Learn more about Joe’s here.

La Gloutonnerie

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you combine traditional French cuisine with the joie de vivre of modern Miami, visit La Gloutonnerie and find out for yourself. The crabs, shrimps and Oysters are world class, but the homemade croissants also deserve a special mention. You can learn more about the menu or make reservations on the official website.

Poseidon Greek Restaurant & Outdoor Lounge

Just as La Gloutonnerie infuses seafood with traditional French gastronomy, you can enjoy authentic Greek cuisine and wonderfully fresh seafood at Poseidon. With the combination of Greek starters (think pita platters and assorted spreads), Greek music in the background, and an assortment of different seafood options, there is no denying that Poseidon impresses. Make reservations on their site.


Even though the original location was more of an ‘insiders’ secret, the new, more expansive space has given AltaMare the attention it deserves. The main focus is fresh fish, with a spotlight on locally-sourced seasonal produce. With a wide selection of wines and simple yet sophisticated contemporary fare, AltaMare is certainly worth a visit. Their specials and menu are listed online.

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