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Staying in Miami Beach? The Top 5 Outlet Malls for Shopaholics

August 10, 2015

Sure, we’d all like to pretend that we shop at the high-end designer stores, or those unique indie boutiques, but let’s be honest – a big part of the fun of shopping in South Beach is hitting up all the great outlet malls, and bargain-hunting to your heart’s content – are we right?!

So, if the phrase “steep discounts” makes your heart flutter, memorize these addresses, then take yourself on a shopping spree without the guilt trip!


Dolphin Mall

A short drive from Miami Beach, Dolphin Mall offers a traditional pairing of mall stores and 92 outlet shops, featuring all the classics including Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, GAP, Levi’s and DKNY. This is great choice if the weather’s looking iffy, as it’s completely indoors. Try to go during the week as weekends can be seriously packed.


Sears Outlet

Located in North Miami Beach, the Sears outlet stores are the place to go if you’re looking for more than just fashion. Homewares and linens are seriously affordable here, as are small appliances (finally get yourself that juicer!)


Sawgrass Mills

One of the biggest when it comes to sheer choice of stores and brands, the Sawgrass Mills is a slightly longer trip (it’s located in Sunrise, FL) but well worth the journey. There’s more than shopping here too – stop in at the gameroom, movie theatre, and even a “Barbie Dreamhouse Experience” perfect for kids. The dining options here are really great – try to grab a seat at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant for world-class fare.


Florida Keys Outlet Centre

If you’re thinking of venturing out to the islands, then you can combine your sightseeing with a trip to the outdoor Florida Keys Outlet Center in Florida City, Homestead-Miami, just before you hit the causeway. The outlet mall has beautiful Spanish architecture and all of the stores have friendly staff and good discounts. Another plus: this spot will allow you to bring your pet with you! There are 55 different stores ranging from specialty shops to name brand stores


Palm Beach Outlets

For the serious bargain hunter willing to travel, head north along the coast to Palm Beach, where you’ll find another 100+ outlets to fulfill your spending urges. The modern, breezy walkways feature everything from Converse to Tommy Hilfiger, and the atmosphere when the place lights up at night adds to the atmosphere. Fuel your spree at the food court, or stock up at the adjacent Whole Foods before feeling way too full and buying running gear at the Nike store.


And if that doesn’t keep you and your credit card busy for the entire length of your stay, we don’t know what will! Our top tips? Go early, wear comfortable shoes, and keep a bottle of water with you at all time. Shopping is heavy work!


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Travel and Learn: Cool Classes to Take in Miami

July 16, 2015
Untitled design-20

There are so many pluses to taking a class while on vacation: you can learn new skills, make new friends, and find something totally different to do (lying on the beach isn’t everyone’s South Beach dream). Because of the awesome cultural diversity of the area, you’ll find all kinds of cool classes you can drop  in on – we’ve dug up some of the best ones, so click on the links below, and find your new niche!


The Art of Dance

Dancing is a part of the local culture in Miami, and there is an impossibly long list of classes for many different types of dance. If you’re going to try out a Latin dance class, check out Salsa Fever, a local Salsa club that meets on the second floor of a Cuban Restaurant on Miami Beach. Their classes happen every Wednesday and Friday, so you can have fun learning and dancing Salsa in a fun social setting where you get deals on drinks and awesome Cuban fare. If you’re looking for something even more unique, why not try out SoBe Pole Dance? Also on Miami Beach, this studio offers Zumba, Pole Dancing, Strip Cardio, and a huge list of other interesting Dance Cardio classes that you can do without realizing you’re even working out.


Make a Vase

If you’ve been dying to learn about using a pottery wheel since you saw Ghost or just want to learn a new practical type of art, pottery classes would be an excellent choice for you. Working with clay isn’t as easy as it sounds, but taking a class like the ones at the Ceramic League of Miami are the perfect place to start. You can take your skill level from 0 to 100 with their thorough 2 ½ hour classes, working with a huge spectrum of mediums and methods. You could even enroll your kids or join up with your classes  

Get in the Water

You can’t live by one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world without taking a class in the water. Grove Scuba‘s lessons are very involved classes to attend, but they’re also the perfect thing for people who really want to learn something that they can cross off their bucket list. You’ll get to learn all of the safety rules, laws, how to work the equipment, how to dive, and everything in between while enjoying the sights beneath the surface.


Catch a Cooking Class

Cooking is a phenomenally diverse skill, so even if you consider yourself to be quite the foodie, there are always going to be a few things the world can to teach you about cuisine. Pop-up cooking classes like the ones that Edge Bar near Biscayne Bay offers during the Summer are a great way to keep your mind active while learning a new dish or techniques you’ve never heard of before. If you’re looking for more ethnic flavors, the Indian Cooking classes from Ayesha’s Kitchen are in depth and extremely informative. You also get to eat what you cook, so don’t pass this up if you love Indian Cuisine.


A Knack for Acting

Even if you’re just interested in doing it for a kick or to learn something new, Miami has a lot of different places that offer acting classes. One of the best is Miami Acting Studio. Their classes happen twice a week, and students have the opportunity to use actual on-screen sets, do extensive camera work, and will follow The Method, a highly effective philosophy that most working actors use today. These classes are for all levels of experience, and although they are supposed to help prepare participants for the working world of acting, they can also be taken for fun. It’s exciting to learn a form of art you’ve always been curious about, so give it a shot!miami-acting-class


There are just too many fun classes in Miami to list, but these are a good start. Those who are fairly active will enjoy moving their bodies to hot music while those who are looking for a quiet evening of learning a hands-on skill can appreciate the culinary and sculpture classes. The important thing is that you learn something of personal value and have a blast doing it, so get out there, and broaden your outlook!


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Great Places for People-Watching in Miami

March 16, 2015

Sometimes you want to lie on the sand and soak up the sun. And sometimes, you just want to take a break from the beach while in Miami, because, let’s face it, sometimes you really want to sit with a cold drink ogle other people and make up convoluted stories about them based on their tiny dog or ridiculous outfit.

Here are some of the best places to go in Miami and South Beach for people-watching, because, let’s face it, Miami is a treasure-trove of weird and wonderful locals (and visiotrs!) If you’re in any way creative, you should definitely take notes – this could be the beginning of an amazing art project or novel!


Española Way

This history-rich community is full of Spanish culture. The street is narrow and lined with cafe-style outdoor seating at each restaurant as well as a number of great shops that offer culturally significant artwork, trinkets, and souvenirs. You can take in a macchiato while watching tourists and locals pass, and when it’s all over, you can meet with the rest of your entourage for dinner at one of the trendy Latina restaurants in the diverse neighbourhood known as Española Way.


The Miami Beach Boardwalk

Of course! What better place to do some people-watching than from a bench on the Miami Beach Boardwalk?! There are literally miles of paths, boardwalk, and beaches to settle down with a good book or your camera, and there are always loads of tourists and locals walking around. If you go further south towards South Beach, you may see a few celebrities, and there’s a yoga class held on the beach several times a day that you can play spectator at if you get bored of sitting around looking at people simply walking by. Be prepared for some beautiful beach bodies that may make you want to get on the rollerblade bandwagon.


Lincoln Road

They call it a mall, but Lincoln Road in SoBe is a Miami hotspot with a huge gathering of shops, cafes and bars. This is the perfect place to pull up a chair on a the patio of a restaurant and sip a Strawberry Daiquiri while watching the throngs of visitors go by. There are sometimes street performers in the area too, which are also fun to stare at for a while. The cool thing about Lincoln Road is that you can do a little souvenir search in between lunch and your afternoon sugar fix. If you end up indoors for a coffee later, try to grab a window seat or a booth with a clear visual of the street outside.


Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

If you want to get away from the beachfront, get down to the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. After you’ve spent some time looking at the exhibits, go out into the garden and find yourself a place to sit and look at the flowers, trees, the bay, and the people who are out there to do the same. It really is a peaceful time in the garden, and its far less noisy than other places you’re going to go.


Zoo Miami

The Zoo Miami is another treat of a place to people-watch. You can sit down in front of an exhibit or enclosure and watch people feed the giraffes or look at the other wildlife there. It is a bit touristy, but it’s a different piece of scenery to enjoy with interesting animals to watch too. Just promise you won’t try to reach the depth of a primate’s soul through their eyes, that’s actually kind of dangerous.


The Art Deco District

You can always find a great place to set up in the Design District or the Art Deco neighborhood of Miami Beach for looking at people. The Art Deco District is known for the interesting architecture of each building and is home to some of the hotels on the beach. You can always find a place to chill out and watch the museum and art gallery crowds come and go as well as designers and artsy folk who live and work in the area. The Art Deco Weekend in January is always a great time to go down to this area for a festival celebrating the area and its contribution to art in Miami.


That’s a pretty substantial list of places to take a time out from the action and centre yourself  – or play people-watching bingo and try to find at least one crazy person, one body builder, one aspiring actress, one artist and one tired tourist. It’s a whole day’s amusement – and it’s completely free!


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South Beach in Springtime: Events and Activities to Ease You Into Summer

January 30, 2015
Miami Beach

Need a break from the Northern Winter? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – South Beach is the quickest and easiest place to grab some balmy weather, awesome activities, and incomparable nightlife. There’s so much happening this Spring on SoBe, but luckily, we’ve done the legwork for you. Whether you’re into cultural diversity, live music, or simply getting back into shape, there’s something below for you. Check out some of the Must-Do activities then give in and book that flight!


Miami Carnaval

Celebrate the sounds, tastes, and sights of Latin culture with the annual Carnaval on the Mile, which happens each March on SoBe. This festive weekend event features a huge art walk with Latin flare, merchants with handcrafted wares, and a talented lineup of musical acts on three separate stages, so every corner of the party is grooving along from morning ‘till night.


Take a Sea Cruise

Indulge your senses a little and take off for a few. Short cruises like the 3 or 4 night excursion from Miami to the Bahamas with Royal Caribbean are a great way to refresh yourself and take a well-deserved time out. As mentioned, the cruises only last a few days, so you can take a Monday and a Friday off and come back completely rejuvenated. Bonus: they’re also extremely affordable mini-getaways from Miami.


Flex Your Inner Self

There probably aren’t many things out there that are quite as zen and easygoing as a beachfront yoga class. Namaste your way to total relaxation with free yoga classes with certified instructors from Third Street Beach Yoga. This company has been doing yoga for free for a number of years, and they have never charged for classes. Bring a donation or a positive attitude and you’re set for a session of body-bending bliss.


Get Spa’d Out

Lay back and let the pros take care of your body! Destress with the spa visit to end all spa visits at the Spa at Shore Club. Lay on the terrace and enjoy the sounds, smell, and warmth of the ocean breeze as you receive a full body massage and facial. You can also get manicures, pedicures, and possibly one of those seaweed body wraps that’s supposed to leach the toxins from your body. Your skin will glow and you’ll be completely at ease by the time you’re done.


Do Some Good

Doing charity work is an important aspect of life that can be done without doling out a ton of cash. You don’t necessarily have to raise thousands of dollars, but why not do your part by participating in the events? Gather up some friends, and sign up for AIDS Walk Miami, a 5k walk/run that begins at the Botanical Gardens in Miami Beach, and ends with a huge celebration back at the starting line. There will be a number of refreshments to cool off with and they give out free massages after the main event winds down, so you can have fun while supporting a worthy cause!


Dance the Night Away

The nightlife on South Beach is unstoppable, and the parties are just getting started in the Spring. Why not go out for drinks and live music at a Jazz club like Jazid on Washington Avenue in Miami Beach. The laid back atmosphere and beachy music by local and national artists will knock your socks off without getting too out of hand. The club features R&B, Reggae, Jazz, and other world music. Tuesdays is Karaoke Night, so if you really want to let your hair down, take a few friends and gang up on a Gloria Estevan hit. Big laughs and great times.


You’ll never be short of something to do in a place like South Beach. There are far too many interesting sights and people to pack it all in, but the suggestions above are a great jumping off point for a killer springtime vacation. What are you waiting for?!


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Top Things to do on the Beach in Miami

January 12, 2015
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Miami has miles upon miles of sandy beaches where tourists can lounge around and swim, but a vacation wouldn’t be very much of a vacation if you weren’t willing to try out a few activities that can’t be reproduced in your backyard. Whether you’re doing yoga during sunrise or scuba diving offshore, it is possible to find other fun activities to outside of the typical beach tanning. Check out these fun and interesting things to do on the beach in Miami.


Go Kayaking

What better way to see Biscayne Bay in Miami than from the water? Although you may not technically be on the beach, you’ll pretty darn close to it when you rent a kayak from one of the many outdoor adventure companies on the water. Oleta River State Park is right by Biscayne Bay and offers a variety of activities within park limits that include kayaking and canoeing. You can go in pairs or captain your own kayak while paddling along the beach in the bay with a killer view of Downtown Miami. -and just think of the calories you could burn before taking on the nightlife in South Beach!


Learn to Surf

A lot of people don’t have the opportunity back home to learn how to surf, but South Beach has a great surfing area where beginners and professionals can all enjoy the waves. The South Beach Dive and Surf Center offers surfing lessons complete with equipment rentals, so you can get off the towel and do something where you can experience the power of the tides for yourself while under the watchful eye of an instructor and with the proper equipment. Again, there aren’t many places to do some surfing if you live in a landlocked city, so why not try it out?


Yoga on the Beach

Every morning at sunrise and every evening at sunset, 3rd Street Beach is home to a group of yoga enthusiasts who take part in an instructor-led class each day of the week and all year long. 3rd Street Beach Yoga, as it has come to be called, is an amazing class with even more amazing views. It was started over 15 years ago when one woman decided to do yoga on the beach. The story continues to show that the idea snowballed into a class that has been doing quite well. Participation is on a donations only basis too, so you can take part in this activity when you’re on a tight budget.



If you want to spend some time zipping around on the water, why not rent a jet-ski? Doctor Jet Ski rents out boats and jet-skis from the inner edge of South Beach and gives people the option of doing a quick hour-long jaunt or renting their watercraft for the day. That means that you can rip around the water and to a marina for lunch before returning later on. Doctor Jet Ski even offers discounts on their rentals, so you save a little too.


Spike It!

Those who are especially enthusiastic about athletics will adore playing volleyball or watching one of the tournaments that’s always happening on Miami Beach. Miami Beach Volleyball has options for forming teams, playing a few games with family, or entering competitively into one of their events. They believe in helping people enjoy the sport without having to be an expert, so they’re quite patient if you don’t know the first thing about volleyball but still want to try.


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January in Miami – Don’t miss these events!

January 4, 2015
art deco weekend 2

Christmas and New Year celebrations may be all over, but the sun is still shining in Miami, and if you’re holed up in a snowy northern city, this warm, welcoming corner of Florida may be just what you need to cure those seasonal blues. Here’s what’s happening this month – why not book a flight and join in the fun!


Art Deco Weekend – Jan 16-18 

What began as a grassroots festival to bring awareness to South Beach’s movement to preserve its plethora of neglected Art Deco buildings and hotels, has grown into the largest celebration of historical structures from the 20s, 30s and 40s-era. Today, Art Deco Weekend has evolved to include musical performances, fashion shows, walking tours, movie screenings, lecture series and antique cars. Over 400,000 people attend annually and it’s a must-see event for locals and tourists alike. Art Deco Weekend is a uniquely Miami style soiree, and with the road closed to traffic, you can expect to see drag queens, stilt walkers, musicians and other performers on the beachfront and boardwalk. There is a happy vibe that permeates the entire weekend. It’s considered one of the major highlights on South Beach’s annual calendar, and for good reason.


Martin Luther King Parade – Jan 19th 

On the third Monday of January every year, Miami joins the rest of the country in saluting MLK jr. The parade takes place along NW 54th Street on a route from NW 12th Avenue to NW 32nd Avenue. It ends with a celebration at Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Park. Parade goers can expect high school marching bands, athletes, and cheerleaders on foot, floats, cars, and fire trucks bearing local politicians, union leaders, and activists—and, for a Caribbean Miami twist, Carnival dancers taking it to the streets in a colorful dance and music performance. Once the parade reaches the park, revelers can enjoy food, activities for kids, and a variety of vendors and entertainment.


Yoga in The Park – Every Wednesday

If you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to get fit, then why not ease yourself into it with a gentle Hatha Yoga class, and channel your inner Buddha amid the lush foliage of the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. . The all-ages class combines strengthening, stretching, and relaxation on the terrace. Instructor Terra-Nova begins the class with a mini-meditation and offers new themes each week, many of which revolve around our relationship to nature. Mats are first-come, first-served, so maybe bring your own. All donations given at the class support the garden; suggested donations are $5 for garden members and $10 for nonmembers. The class begins at 12:30 p.m. every Wednesday.


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Snap These Sights! The Six Best South Beach Miami Photo Ops

December 22, 2014
Untitled design-9


What’s a vacation without the photos?!When you travel to a place as beautiful as South Beach Miami, there’s no excuse not to have a stack of gorgeous photos to post for friends, send to family, and keep for your own private collection. You will, no doubt, point and click seventy times at each location you visit in SoBe, but for some really instagrammable moments, visit these six exquisite sites on South Beach to get the best shots ever.


Pretty Sunsets

There is nothing out there quite like the sight of a pink and gold sunset dancing with the reflection of water, and one of the most amazing photos you can bring home from a vacation in a place with such incredible ocean views. Water Sports Miami Beach offers a really unique experience and opportunities to snap that one-of-a-kind picture of a sunset with their 2 hr. Champagne Sunset Sail, which sails right into South Beach waters in the Art Deco area for sunset along with bubbly and a few friends.


Sunken Treasure and Tropical Fish

If you’ve got a Go Pro or a waterproof camera, you absolutely have to go on a dive in the waters off of South Beach and capture a few photos of colorful and unique marine life on the coral reefs or living inside one of the wrecks that the South Beach Dive and Surf Center takes tourists to. You don’t have to be an advanced diver either, they offer some amazing snorkeling and diving excursions for beginners and advanced divers alike. Those backdrops will make for some awesome selfies too.


The Beach

If you’ve had your fill of aerial, underwater, and sun-centered photos, it’s clearly time to take your shoes off and take a stroll down in the warm sand at the beach itself. You can take a couple shots of the shoreline, the unique lifeguard stations, or do a few closeups of the diverse array of seashells found on the beach for something a little different.


The Boardwalk

Nothing is more breathtaking than the scenery of a beach, the ocean, and lush vegetation all at once. The Miami Beach Boardwalk is especially pretty if you visit the northern portion, which has a true wooden boardwalk that runs from 46th Street to 23rd Street and a paved portion further south. You could even sit at a bench and wait for the sun to hit just the right spot in the sky before taking the perfect wallpaper photo.


Exotic Flowers

Once you’ve finished taking all of the landscape shots you can handle, try out a few closeup pics of the exotic flowers at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. You can also take great photos of the oddly shaped tropical trees, ponds or fountains, and interesting wildlife that populates the park. Totally out of the ordinary, and very cool.


Get to know…. Miami Design District

November 20, 2014
Untitled design (41)

Done with the beach? Ready to explore a little? Well, why not pencil in a date with the design district? It’s perfect for when you need a little retail therapy (or, ok, window shopping) and want to explore a little outside of South Beach. As a bonus, from Dec 3-7 this year, the district is hosting an Art Basel satellite event, ‘Design Miami’, where Designers, collectors, dealers and curators from around the world will participate in lectures, exhibits and design installations.


Not quite as trendy or well-known as Wyndham, but better looking and more interesting than downtown Miami, this northern corner of midtown boasts over 100 galleries and showrooms (who open their doors for popular art nights two nights a month) as well as antiques dealers, creative spaces, and upscale design and fashion retailers like Luminaire Lab, Ligne Roset, Christian Louboutin and Louis Vuitton. Think of it as a lesser-known (for now) Lincoln Road.


If your wallet doesn’t stretch to a prada purse, then you can while away a few hours at home excellent restaurants like Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink (try the passion fruit caipirinha) and the open-air Mandolin Aegean Bistro, where traditional Turkish and Greek house specialties will transport you to a balmy seaside café no matter what the weather.


When you’ve had your fill of gallery browsing and window shopping, head south to Wynwood, north to explore Little Haiti and the historic 1920s Buena Vista neighborhood, or take a peek at the wealthy Upper East Side neighborhoods to the east.


Gay South Beach – Your guide to the hottest vacation

October 24, 2014
gay south beach

As the home of both the biggest gay beach party in North America, it is little wonder that South Beach Miami has been premiere holiday destination for gay men for the last thirty years. With endless sunny beaches and the hottest clubs and bars packed with beautiful people from all around the world, this holiday destination hasn’t missed a beat since its heyday in the 1980s. In South Beach, posing, people watching and partying is a way of life.

Where to Stay

The majority of the gay bars and clubs are located between 12th Street on Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road Mall, so within this district is probably your best bet for accommodation. Although you can stay anywhere, some hotels have a particular reputation for being “gay friendly”. Hotel Beacon South Beach on Ocean Drive (right near the Gay Beach) is one of the most well-known and offers “gay pride” packages and discounts for the LGTB traveller. Both ZOcean Hotel and Hotel Nash are other good options in the area, but let’s face it, between lazing all day on the beach and partying at night, who has time for hanging around the hotel anyway? If you’re looking for a little more privacy, plus free services like WiFi, kitchen, and in, suite laundry however, check out our awesome South Beach apartments.

Sun and Surf

You can’t really miss the giant rainbow flag that announces that you have arrived at the Gay Beach on 12th Street/Ocean Drive. It’s mostly populated by men but you will find lesbians and some straight folk here too. Rent a beach chair and soak up some serious rays on the sugary white sand or spend the day joining in the party atmosphere. Be warned – the no nudity rule does not preclude some of the skimpiest swimming costumes seen since Brazil.

If you just can’t deal with those pesky tan lines after a day of sun worship, then head over to Haulover Beach where clothing is optional and those most comfortable exhibiting their body probably shouldn’t be. It’s on Collins Street, so it’s bit further out than the conveniently located Gay Beach on 12th Street, but surely that’s a small price to pay for the world’s best tan?

Clubs and Bars

Make your nights as hot as your days with these popular South Beach clubs and bars.

Twist – the saying goes “if you haven’t gotten into trouble at Twist then you haven’t visited the real South Beach”. With seven different party areas, including strippers at the back and a cabana, there is something to cater for every taste at Twist. It’s busiest after 1am.

Palace Bar and Grill – located opposite the gay beach, this Miami institution is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is more a bar/restaurant than a club. Tourists and locals alike gather in the evenings to watch Palace drag queens do cartwheels in the streets while harassing passing tourists.

Score a South Beach favourite, Score has been part of the South Beach gay scene for more than ten years. Score offers modern lounges to chat with friends, frozen drinks for hot nights, state of the art lights and music and some of the hottest DJs playing.

Five awesome watersports you can do in South Beach Miami

October 17, 2014

The golden beaches and glistening waters of South Beach Miami beckon you to spend your days in the surf and sea and whether you like a gentle swim or something more adventurous in the water, then SoBe will not disappoint. Here are five watersports you should try your hand at while you’re here.


Fish are plentiful around Miami and you can catch Spanish mackerel, grouper and sailfish without too much effort. The well-established finishing culture in this coastal town makes it easy to get yourself sorted and ready to fish. You can charter a boat or head to a pier (Bal Harbor or Government Cut are good options) depending on how much you want to spend. The benefit of a charter is that they take you to the spots almost guaranteed to get fish and they supply all your gear and usually at least one meal. If you want to fish from a jetty or pier but don’t have the equipment, you might have to buy something inexpensive at somewhere like Kmart as not many places rent it without an organized charter or excursion. There are plenty of Five awesome watersports you can do in South Beach Miami

places around the jetties and beaches that sell bait though.


Because of its position and climate, Miami is home to the only tropical coral reef in the USA. Combine this spectacular natural phenomenon with incredible dedication to an artificial reef program and you get some fabulous dive spots.

The natural Emerald Reef is considered the most beautiful dive spot in Miami. Half Moon and Wreck Trek are sunken vessels that attract schooling fish, with Half Moon being a particularly good spot for beginners. Use the services of one of the many dive companies to help you arrange your trip and all your equipment.


If diving is just a little too much but you still want to get up close and personal with the marine life in SoBe, then snorkeling is a great alternative. The third largest barrier reef in the world is just waiting for you just under the waters of the Atlantic. Renting equipment is relatively cheap and you don’t need any special skills or training. If you want to take it up a notch, then consider booking a full day excursion to the coral reef inside the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. South Beach Divers can arrange the entire day for you. Alternatively, Jose Cuervo Reef is an artificial reef easily accessible via a swim from the Second Street lifeguard station of Miami Beach.

Kayaking and Canoeing

See Miami by water and paddle in a kayak or canoe. Whether you go it solo and rent your own equipment or use a guided tour, this is an incredible way to see a Miami sunset. Try Matheson Hammock Park where Adventure Sports Miami will rent you kayaks and paddleboards so you can venture out to get a view of the Miami skyline from the Gables waterways.

Boating and Sailing

Of course you will never be short of options here when it comes to boating and sailing and it’s a great way to take full advantage of the beautiful scenery of Biscayne Bay. If you’re new to boating, try Shake-A-Leg in Coconut Grove whose sailing program will get you certified and provide a chartered boat. If you want something bigger or just want to pretend to be a millionaire for a day, then rent a Catamaran. Boat charter is a great idea if you have larger groups or need an activity for a corporate event or party. Many companies cater for these occasions so it pays to ask to see what they offer.

If none of these options float your chartered boat, then there are still the marinas, the ports, dinner cruises, gaming cruises, chartered yachts…the list is endless and you are guaranteed to find your perfect way to enjoy South Beach on land and at sea.