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A Guide to Miami with Your Pets

July 31, 2015
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It’s always hard to leave your beloved pet behind when you have to travel, so why not bring them with you? MyStudioMiami offers a number of furnished pet-friendly apartments for a comfortable and easy trip to the city. The hassle of finding a pet-sitter while you’re away is eliminated, plus you get a fun fuzzy companion to spend the day with in beautiful sunny Miami. Once you decide to explore the city with your companion, check out these pet-friendly destinations.


Parks and Beaches

Miami is all about the beaches, and there’s no reason both you and your dog can’t enjoy the sunshine and waves. Haulover Beach has access to a both park and beach for dogs, no leash required! The park is open from 8am to sunset for seven days a week, and contains shade trees, picnic tables, drinking fountains for dogs and people, waste containers, and even separate enclosures for small dogs (less than 35 lbs.) and large dogs (more than 35 lbs.) Locatedacross from the dog park, the beach is only open from 8am to 3pm on Wednesdays and weekends. Chewey_DogTag_04_Resized

Hobie Beach (or Windsurfer Beach) is another pet friendly beach, with the requirement of having your pooch on a leash. The beach itself is quite small but is perfect for your dog since the water is shallow, which allows dogs to play and swim without you having to worry about any strong waves or currents.


Pet-Friendly Shops and Mall

Shopping for or with your pet is easy in Miami. There are pet friendly malls such as Bal Harbour Shops. Here you can find a number of luxury stores including Tiffany & Co, Fendi, and Alexander McQueen. It’s the perfect place to browse and get an opinion of the latest high-end designs with your incredibly stylish dog. If you’re craving more, check out the Merrick Park Shops where the mall is not the only place that is pet friendly. Some individual shops will even let you bring in your dog with you!111678_7950_full

If you wanted to treat your pet to their own shopping spree, try out The Dog Bar, which is the ultimate boutique for your canine. Products include various types of dog food and treats, dog beds, cleaning products, toys, stylish collars, leashes, outerwear, and carriers and totes. By the end of it, your dog will be truly spoiled! Once you’ve finished up your dual species shopping spree and gotten hungry, drop by Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink where they have a pet friendly patio and even a peanut butter treat for your dog.


Pet Grooming/Pet Sitters

Sometimes business calls and having your pet tag along isn’t an option. The easiest way to deal with this is with CorporateStays very own pet sitting concierge service, where we’ll take care of all the details so you can work without worry. There is also Miami Beach Pet Spa, where this full-service salon can give your dog or cat baths, haircuts, creative grooming, and provide daycare from 9am to 4:30pm. Scottie Paws Pet Resort & Spa uses all natural, organic, and eco-friendly products for their services, with grooming, daycare, non-anaesthetic dental cleaning for both dogs and cats, and overnight cage-less stays. If you would rather wash your pet yourself, they have a self-service pet wash too._6299169_orig


While you’re enjoying your time in Miami, remember to always bring plenty of fresh water and a bowl for your pet. The heat, salt water, and running around can easily dehydrate them! And for all you animal lovers, know that in most our Miami vacation rentals, your beloved pets are most welcome!


5 Ways MyStudioMiami is Better Than a Hotel in South Beach, Miami

June 6, 2015
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1. The price

If you’re on a budget, or planning on an extended stay in South Beach Miami, you won’t find a better price than our great little South Beach apartments. Well, we say little, but what you get is normally twice the size of a hotel room, with a kitchen, dining, and living area as well as a great big, comfortable bed. Our South Beach apartments start at just $100 a night, plus we’re always running specials and promotions so keep an eye on the twitter feed and facebook page!

2. The extras

You know how you almost always have to pay for internet access in your hotel room, and even then, it’s a shitty connection? Well, just forget all that when you stay with us – there’s WiFi in every apartment and it’s fast and reliable. Want to take a night off and veg out in front of the TV? We’ve got cable for that. Forgot your toiletries? Our bathrooms are stocked with mini versions of the products you’ll need plus there’s a hair dryer and iron there too in case you need them.

3. Accommodation to suit your style

Ever tried telling a hotel you’d prefer something ‘more urban’ or ‘the glamorous suite’? Yeah, not happening. With MyStudioMiami, we’ve got apartments with incredible graffiti on the walls, we’ve got chic boudoir-style studios, and we’ve got summery, classic accommodation just steps from the beach. Just mention at the time of booking if you’re looking for something in particular and we’ll do our best to hook you up!

4. Location

We know why you’re vacationing in South Beach, rather than say, New Hampshire, so we made sure that all our apartments are just one block from the beach and the shopping, bars, and restaurants of Lincoln Road. So pretty much everything you need is 5 minutes away (You’re welcome!)

5. Personalized service

We want you to enjoy everything about your experience with us, from booking to check-out and beyond. There’s a reason why more than a third of our Miami guests come back to stay with us again. Our guest service team are seriously committed to making you happy – so don’t be shy! Let them know how they can make your stay unforgettable.

Browse all our beautiful vacation rentals near the beach and book your next stay!


Our 5 Most Popular Vacation Rentals in South Beach

May 14, 2015
Beautiful Vacation Rental in South Beach

A prime vacation destination for travellers all across North America (and beyond), Miami’s South Beach has never been made more accessible and affordable to visit. Why? Because quality lodging in the sunny city of Miami is available to any travel thanks to the fully furnished apartments provided by Corporate Stays.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’re going to want to stay in an aesthetically pleasing abode that ideally won’t cost a fortune. Hotels are pretty much out of that equation, as any hotel in South Beach is more than a tad pricey. As such, furnished apartments as your best option, letting you travel in luxury while saving some money to spend on drinks at the beach.


To get a sense of the beautiful apartments offered to anyone heading to Miami’s South Beach, check out Corporate Stays’ 5 Most Popular Vacation Rentals in South Beach.


The Etruria Apartment

You won’t even miss your own home when you stay at the Etruria Apartment, because not only does the décor emit a truly homey atmosphere, you’ll have plenty of space and every luxury. For a lot of folks, this spot may even be nicer than you’re actual apartment. Perfect for anyone traveling with friends, you’ll definitely be able to host a group before the beach or after with the spacious living room and kitchen combo, an asset to any who are looking to save money on food and drinks while in Miami.Beautiful vacation rental in south beach

See Full Listing


The Chronos Apartment

Smack dab in the heart of South Beach, you’ll be given every convenience while in the Chronos Apartment. Large windows will let in all the shining sun, the bright colour scheme will ensure the atmosphere is always inviting, and the fully furnished setup (including HDTV cable, WiFi and an appliance-equipped kitchen) promises every moment you’re in the apartment will meet every necessity. Not that you’ll be indoors too much, what with sandy beaches only minutes away.Beautiful Vacation Rental in  South Beach

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The Mermaid Apartment

A hidden gem within the South Beach area, the name of this apartment showcases what you’ll be doing while you’re staying in Miami: swimming. You will live the mermaid life of swaying in the ocean and relaxing on the beach, but don’t think you won’t find the same sense of tranquility within your fully furnished apartment. Not only will you find everything you need in the Mermaid Apartment, you’ll also have access to Corporate Stays concierge service, giving you access to rental cars, tour group reservations, and more.Beautiful Vacation Rental in South Beach

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The RemX Suite

 A definite switch up from your apartment at home, the RemX Suite will have you traveling in style. An original mural graces an entire wall of the fully furnished apartment which will visually bring you to a sunset on the beach, even from the comfort of your bed. A supreme location for anyone staying in the South Beach neighborhood, the RemX Suite is only minutes to the beach by foot and nearby various restaurants, spas, and clubs. No matter your travel-style, whether it be to relax or to party a bit, you’ll find everything you need when staying in the RemX Suite.Beautiful apartment rental in South Beach

See Full Listing


The Evelyn Apartment

Chic and spacious, you may not even want to head out of the Evelyn apartment. Why? Well, the 42” flat-screen and high speed internet will definitely have something to do with it. Enjoy the beach during the day then head into the air conditioned apartment and watch a movie in the evening, it’s a perfect set up. Don’t spend too much time here though, as the Evelyn apartment is incredibly close to the shops, restaurants, cafes and everything else that’s to be found along the pedestrian paradise that is Lincoln Road.evelyn-miami-beach-rental-007-

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Check out more of our beautiful furnished vacation rentals in South Beach !



5 Perks Of Renting A Luxury Furnished Apartment with MyStudioMiami

April 14, 2015
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So you’ve decided to venture off to sunny Miami. Good choice. Not only does the city have fantastic weather nearly all year round, there’s also just so much to do in Miami, for any age group. Now that you’re on track for your Miami vacation, all that’s left is to find a place to stay while you’re there.

Your mind no doubt first jumps to a hotel, the traditional and inordinately expensive option. You would stay with a friend in Miami, letting you save some cash while enjoying all the comforts of home, but unfortunately you don’t know a soul in the city. But you do have another option, renting out a furnished apartment with MyStudioMiami, which has the perks of both aforementioned options with none of the negatives. See how below:


Luxury For Less

Finding a fairly priced hotel is a nigh impossible feat, and even if you do find one, chances are the room will be far from luxurious. At MyStudioMiami, you get a fully furnished apartment with so many services included (more on that in a bit) at a much lower cost. Partnering with local suppliers who want to give you a great price for staying at their lodgings via last minute bookings, MyStudioMiami guarantees the lowest cost available. And if you do happen to find a better price, let the MyStudioMiami team know and they’ll match the price and give you a 10% rebate.


Location, Location, Location

What you’re mainly paying for anytime you stay at a hotel is the location, as most major hotels are quite close to Miami’s major attractions. At a MyStudioMiami studio you’ll get the advantage of location, being a short walk from the beach, Lincoln Road, Espanola Way, with many right in the centre of South Beach, at a much lower cost. Plus, you’ll see the city from a citizen’s perspective, not being trapped in the “tourist bubble” that many hotels tend to create.


Services Catered To Your Needs

Before you even choose your furnished apartment, you can filter through lodgings to fit your needs on the MyStudioMiami website, allowing you to choose a studio based on your specific requirements. Once you’re in Miami, the studios are catered to your needs even further. In need of a cellphone? MyStudioMiami will hook you up with one for your stay. Need a babysitter, an ride from the airport, or someone to watch your pet while you’re out? The dedicated concierge service has all that and more covered for you to ensure you’re stress-free on your trip.


Fully Equipped Lodgings

You won’t even miss the comfort of home when you’re staying at a MyStudioMiami studio. Each and every apartment is fully furnished, with bedding equipped for up to four guests, kitchens equipped with everything you need (which will also save you some money by not having to eat out all the time) and a high speed internet connection with a HD TV to boot. Actually, your studio may even be nicer than your place.


A Guaranteed Good Time

With all the aforementioned perks, it’s hard to imagine you’ll have a bad stay at any MyStudioMiami studio. If the impossible does happen, however, MyStudioMiami still has your back. If you arrive and you find your studio to be nothing of what you expected, just get in touch with the MyStudioMiami team and they’ll be happy to offer you a full refund on your stay. Really, you have nothing to lose!



Browse all our beautiful apartments for rent in Miami HERE ! 


5 Reasons Why Brazilians Should Go to Miami Beach

April 7, 2015

Brazilians are quickly becoming well-traveled when it comes to vacationing in the US, and no city is more popular than Miami! It makes sense though doesn’t it? Crystal blue water, white sandy beaches, and that certain flavor of music and food that makes people want to dance the night away and eat to their heart’s content.

Yes, Miami Beach brings the party, but it also has other huge points that make it an attractive place for Brazilians to visit, and we’ve got it figured out. It’s the hospitality that allows tourists to communicate with their guides and hosts, the amazing shopping, and so much more! Read on to find out why Brazilians love coming to Miami Beach…


Portuguese-Speaking Hosts, Guides, etc.

Because so many Brazilians are coming to Miami each year, businesses and tourist operations have decided to start offering their services with guides and leaders who speak Portuguese. This is an important aspect of travel that most people can’t understand unless they’ve traveled to a place with an entirely different language.

Miami Beach 411 has Portuguese tours for the Everglades and Miami itself, so you can have a blast while listening to something other than one of those clinical headsets with pre-recorded info on it. Having the ability to understand all of the facts and information that’s being conveyed makes a huge difference. It’s also a thoughtful way to let a specific subset of tourists know that they’re valued, and Brazilians are definitely valued visitors in Miami Beach.


Affordable Timeshares and Vacation Properties

Brazilians are looking North when it comes to purchasing real estate, and even if it’s just a timeshare or vacation rental, Miami Beach is full of properties in condo complexes, apartment buildings, and other beach front properties, and they’re quite affordable when compared to staying in a hotel. The other clincher here is that most of these are right where the action is on Miami Beach, so you’ll be able to go out for dinner in a flash, use the building’s fitness facilities like they’re your own, and hit the nightclubs without being too far away to walk back to home base. Just think about having a place you can come to for a portion of every year! 



The Shopping is Awesome

We all know how much you love shopping! Well, everyone loves shopping, but we know that Brazilians happen to have a taste for fine things, and Miami Beach has a few hot spots to check out that are definitely worth a look. Lincoln Road Mall is a unique outdoor boulevard and mall with all kinds of vendors and shops that range from budget to high end, and there are also pubs and restaurants for when you hit a slump and want a few drinks and lunch. This mall is also close to a lot of hotels, so it makes perfect sense to make a day of it here. Aside from Lincoln Road, you can also find boutiques on Collins and Washington Avenues as well as Espanola Way. It’s a veritable feast for the eyes and your closet!


Luxury Spa Experiences on the Beach

Miami Beach is a big tourist destination, but it’s not Sao Paulo, so Brazilians will love how quiet and peaceful the beach can be at times. Where does one find peace while on the beach? The luxury spas with and resorts with private beaches are a good place to start.

The Palms Hotel & Spa is one of these sanctuaries that you can visit over a single day or use it as a place of retreat and rejuvenating body treatments both for singles and couples. The Spa is a part of Aveda, so it’s top notch, and you can get a couples massage under a tropical gazebo outside overlooking the beach in addition to the other cutting edge treatments for your face, body, and sanity. There’s no better way to de-stress!


Electric Nightlife

Much like the guided tours and other businesses that have chosen to make Brazilians feel welcome by learning more about them and their culture, nightclubs are following suit by holding fun Brazilian themed events and celebrations. Restaurants are also trying to join the club by offering up dishes that are native to Brazil, and there are even places that serve exclusively Brazilian fare.

Everyone knows that Brazilians live life with passion: passionate dance, passionate food, passionate music…these are all things that the nightlife out in Miami Beach are all about! Mansion is a good place to start. They’ve got events, a glorious sound system, light shows, and VIP service that you can bank on. One can easily do a club crawl to almost every club on the strip in a single evening or split it up into different stretches. It’ll be a blast no matter what!


It’s prtty clear that Miami Beach is the place to be if you’re coming from Brazill. The nightlife, vacation rental opportunities, and spas are just a few of the pros for why you might want to take a flight north. There’s also the Art Deco District and a lot of opportunities to have fun out on the water too. Bring your family or come out with friends. SoBe is here and waiting with open arms!


To all you Brazilians out there looking to rent a furnished apartment in Miami beach, take a look HERE! 


What to Look For in a Miami Vacation Rental

March 3, 2015

Hotels, B&Bs, and hostels aren’t the only places to find accommodation for your perfect vacation. Apartment rentals can be the best decision you’ve ever made – they offer more privacy and square footage, so they can be a much better fit for some travellers. Sure, it can be a little unnerving to commit to vacation rentals like a house or apartment when you’ve always booked a hotel, but take the plunge and you’ll be so glad you did.

Just let us give you the inside scoop on what to look for in an apartment for your next vacation in Miami, and you’ll know exactly what to ask when you start making those calls.


Do Some Comparison Shopping

Every knows that Miami aint cheap, but apartment prices can be surprisingly comparable with hotel rates. Check around first with the hotels you would stay in. See what the area of your room would be, and check out the location. Then, do the same with the apartments you’ve scoped out. You’ll likely find that the square footage of your hotel room is going to be less than that of most rentals you look at.

It’s also important, and especially when it’s mom, dad, and the kids, to see about a bedroom for you and your partner to share. Nothing kills the mood more than spending every waking (and sleeping) moment with your entire brood mere feet from you. Right there, you will eliminate a lot of the hotel rates due to the price for a suite being a bit higher. Even a one-bedroom apartment will often have a pull-out sofa bed and sleep four people.



Location Matters Too!

Miami is a big city, so if you plan on staying at the beach for the entire time you’re in town, look for hotels and apartments either directly on the beach or close by. If you have a rental car, you can look at options a little bit farther from your stomping grounds, but remember that rental car mileage and fuel costs will rack up a bill by the end of your trip, so if you want to be near lots of shopping, restaurants and attractions other than just sand and water sports, you might want to look for something in an area with more of what you want nearby.



What’s Included?

If you’re going to choose an apartment over a hotel, figure out what’s included in your stay. You might have heat, hot water, and a full kitchen, but do they have wi-fi, a locked lobby door, or dishes to eat off of? What about parking? Is there a pool on site? Laundry? These kinds of things are important clinchers for where you’re going to stay because the minute your 10 yr. old figures out that there isn’t any Nickelodeon, you may be sorry, and your partner will sleep a lot better if they know that your rental car isn’t being busted into on the street outside as you sleep. Air conditioning is a must in Miami too, so if any apartment still doesn’t have it, keep looking!


Complex Rules

There will be rules you’ll need to consider when vacationing in an apartment or condo. For instance, some complexes will allow pets, but only certain ones, certain sizes of pets, or on an approval-only basis. There will also probably be a policy for the building in regards to smoking, and you would be  surprised how many complexes are disallowing smoking on patios as well as indoors.


Yet another good thing to make sure of is the orientation of the building. Some apartment buildings are adult-oriented or for ‘mature tenants only’, which is important in terms of respect for the peace and privacy of permanent tenants. – and since Florida is a popular retirement destination for a lot people, you will need to verify that kids are allowed in the building you hope to stay in if you plan on bringing them with you.


What Are the Fees?

Nothing comes for free, and while some of the pricey hotels offer great complimentary amenities, you may find that a vacation rental is a great contender due to their price being initially higher with minimal fees. Some rental companies will charge renters parking, cleaning, and admin fees. There are others who will create a surcharge that takes care of a small portion of the annual condo fees, garbage collection, water bill, and maintenance charges. Don’t forget to ask about security deposits and pet deposits too. No one wants to be surprised when they show up for the keys.


Go With a Reputable Company

You can’t always know for sure what you’re getting into when you rent a vacation home from afar, but you can do a few things to ensure you don’t lose your money or end up getting a raw deal. Going with an agency that specializes in vacation rentals is the perfect safety screening.

Get online and check the user ratings on the owner or company, and see what people had to say about the apartment when they returned from their trip. Most owners are also able to provide references to back up their apartment photos or profile too.



See? It’s actually really simple to find out how to book a sweet apartment for your vacation. You just need to shop around, look in the right places, and ask the right questions. Do these things, and you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about where to stay. Hopefully it’s a place with a fantastic view by the best restaurants and cool decor! Happy Travels!


Speaking of reputable company, check out our furnished apartment rentals in Miami !



How to pick the ideal vacation rental in South Beach, Miami

March 24, 2014
vacation rental

We may be slightly biased, but we think we’ve totally got the best accommodation options in South beach. Funky studios, chic apartments, and laid-back, modern spaces just steps from Ocean Drive and the beach. But whether you’re browsing or not, there are a few things to look for when booking the perfect rental in South Beach, Miami:

Space: Don’t be fooled by misleading photos – check to see whether there’s a decent kitchen area, a large bed, and a dining table – you’ll be happy to have these when you feel like eating in, or lounging around the day after a late night of partying!

Service: Pay attention to the service you get right from the beginning. If you’re writing emails and posts on Social Media with no reply from the company, then they clearly don’t take your business seriously. Demand professional, friendly service whoever you book with.

Price: All of our Miami South Beach Studios are $199 per night – at most. We often have flexible rates, special promotions and regular discounts that make it even more affordable. You won’t find any hidden costs or fees that pop up after checkout. Make sure you read the fine print with any other companies.

Location: Miami is a big place. If you’re looking for an apartment close to the water avoid listings that say things like “10 mins by car from the beach” – first, you may not have a car and second, even if you do, that still really far from all the action! Contact a representative, ask for the exact address and google map the place before you decide.

Hit up South Beach Miami in Style! What to pack

March 15, 2014

Would we be right in guessing that whenever you picture yourself in Miami you’re dressed in a bikini or shorts and not much more? Yup, we feel you. But Miami is a tropical, trendy city, and we want you to pack everything you’ll need to enjoy it to the full. Start with these suggestions and customize at will!

Sunglasses: Even it you’re visiting in winter, the Miami sun is bright pretty much year round. Protect your peepers and look stylish and celeb-worthy at the same time. Bonus: they’ll hide the day-after-an-all-nighter eyes you’re bound to wake up with. While you’re at it, throw in some sunscreen – no one wants to chat up a lobster.

One dressed-up outfit: Miami is generally a pretty casual vibe, but you may want to go to an exclusive restaurant, upscale bar, or the theatre. Bring one outfit that won’t get you turned away at the door.

Lightweight long sleeved top and pants: Don’t rule out a little hiking or a day in the everglades – it would add a whole new dimension to your trip! Long sleeves and pants will protect your skin from grasses, branches, and annoying insects like mosquitoes. They’ll also come in handy on chilly evenings.

Running shoes: South Beach residents are fit, and you might just be inspired to join the joggers, cyclists and roller bladers that are a quintessential part of the SoBe scene on Ocean Drive. So pack your sneakers and some breathable shorts and get sweating!

Spanish phrasebook: Well, you do want to make an effort for the hot Cuban dancing salsa with you, right?!

What you don’t need:

Stay in one of our fully furnished studios and you don’t need to worry about towels or a hairdryer, which are provided for you, or a guide book, because your local concierge service can recommend great places to eat, drink, and dance! You won’t need to bring lots of extra cash for meals out, because you’ll have a fully-equipped kitchen to whip up snacks. And if you need something extra like an adaptor or charger – we can try to find one for you!


Your guide to getting around South Beach

March 6, 2014

No car? No problem! The rest of the U.S. may have an aversion to walking and a slightly sketchy public transport system, but Miami is a paradise for those who don’t want to spend their vacation behind the wheel.

You’ve got a whole host of options available as soon as you slip into your flip flops and step out of the airport. A taxi will take you to South Beach for a flat rate of $32, or the Super Shuttle vans will get you to your awesome South Beach studio (you booked with us, right?!) for just $20. On a serious budget? The Airport Flyer is an express bus that runs every 30 minutes and will take you to Miami Beach for just $2.35 (6am-11pm).

Now that you’ve arrived and unpacked, it’s time to hit the beach – which you can stroll on over to, because our studios are just a few minutes from the sand and surf. Areas like Collins and Washington Avenues are great streets to check out on foot too, as is Lincoln Road, a street mall stretching ten blocks and specifically designed for pedestrians, with great shops, cafes, nightclubs and restaurants.

If you want to experience the wind in your hair as you cruise down Ocean Drive, you can grab a DecoBike – the self-service bike rental system with over 100 stations around the city for picking up and dropping off bikes!


If you’re going a little farther or need to get out of the sun, you can jump on the ‘Local’ bus service. Busses stop every few blocks with service every 10 minutes or so, and have heavenly air conditioning. Drivers are super helpful and a ride on the South Beach loop costs just a quarter (route map here). If you’re going to leave South Beach and explore the rest of the city, it’s a good idea to get the $26 pass for the Metrorail and MetroBus, which will last you for a week.

And for sightseeing, there’s always the Miami Hop-on Hop-off bus, which will give you a nice overview of Downtown, Miami Beach, the Design District, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables and more for $39.

There you have it – more options than you can shake a beach towel at. Now get out there and start exploring!


Awesome Miami Activities You Never Considered

January 15, 2014

When people think about Miami they normally default to the sun, sea and sand vision of this popular southern destination – and if you’re staying in one of our apartments in South Beach, then you know how exciting this part of the city can be. But there is so much more to this little corner of Florida, with something to satisfy everyone from art lover to surfer chick. Here are some activities you never knew Miami was great for:

Hiking: With it’s tropical flora and plentiful wildlife, Miami is perfect for nature-lovers and hiking enthusiasts alike. Check out Ash Creek Park, the site of a Tequesta Indian village between 500 B.C. and 1300 A.D., or the Anhinga Trail in the Everglades National Park, where you’ll have no trouble spotting alligators sunning themselves by the waterfront.

Food: You may be aware of the myriad of incredible restaurants in Miami – but there’s only so many times a day one can eat out. Fill in the gaps with food tours and cooking classes. The highly rated excursions at Miami Culinary Tours include tastings and trivia for lots of different neighborhoods, while Ayesha’s Kitchen offers up something a little different – Indian cooking classes guaranteed to get your tastebuds tingling.

Adventure Sports: Ever heard of a flyboard? Well, it’s a jetpack that goes on your feet – think snowboarding on air – and you can do it right here in Miami! With training from a skilled instructor and a little practice, you can surf the sky or go underwater – all with the exhilarating propulsion of your own personal jetpack.

Boating: Could there be a more romantic way to see Miami than from a sailboat at sunset? Join one of the Biscayne Bay tours which stop at exotic islands and beautiful bird sanctuaries, or splash out and charter a boat for a luxury getaway to the Florida Keys.

History: Miami was a hot destination long before the Kardashians went shopping there. Join one of History Miami’s walking tours and learn all about the art deco architecture of South Beach, the cuban influence in Little Havana, and the botanical gardens by the Collins Canal.