Travelling to Miami? Here’s what’s Happening in June

May 28, 2015
Miami beach

Business can take you just about anywhere, and while you may not always look forward to your next destination with large amounts of anticipating, whenever Miami is on the docket you can’t help but get excited. Understandably so, as the city always has so much to offer visitors of every sort, and the month of June is no exception.

Aside from the regular attractions Miami has to offer, June will bring along tons of festivities for the business traveler. Lovers of food, film, and art will have no shortage of events to check out, making for an exciting business trip no matter what time of the month you visit. Be sure to be close to all of the major events in June by staying in one of Corporate Stays’ furnished apartment, which will conveniently place you in the centre of all the cultural action.


See what’s in store for you in June below.


Cuba Out of Cuba: Through the lens of Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte

  • Where: Everyday @ 4pm ’til August 30th
  • When: 600 Biscayne Blvd. (Miami Dade College’s Freedom Tower)

Cuba and Miami, along with the entirety of Southern Florida, have a long history. Many Cuban immigrants began new lives in the Sunshine State, and the new exhibit at the MDC Museum of Art + Design focuses on their experiences and contributions to the world of arts and culture. A pseudo-history lesson through photography, Cuba Out of Cuba will be both informative and engaging.

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Summer Shorts Festival

  • Where: 44 Brickell Avenue, #229
  • When: Thursday, June 4 to Sunday, June 28

Get a year’s worth of theatre in a single night during the Summer Shorts: America’s Short Play Festival, featuring the country’s most entertaining and innovative 10 minute plays all in one night. The official start of Miami’s summer theatre season, the Summer Shorts Festival has been going on for 20 years and has not lost any of its original energy. Expect a night of laughs you won’t soon forget.

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Redland Summer Fruits Festival

  • Where: 24801 S.W. 187th Avenue (Fruit & Spice Park)
  • When: Saturday, June 21st & Sunday, June 22nd

Food-lovers visiting Miami can’t pass up this chance to experience the city’s (and the state’s) unique agricultural scene. A two-day showcasing of the local produce and tropical fruits of the area, the Redland Summer Fruits Festival will have local wines, rare fruit tasting, and tons of food to eat. If you’re from anywhere in the north, this’ll be your chance to taste what the south side grows every year.

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Miami Film Month

  • Where: Various Locations
  • When: June 1st to 30th

June is the perfect time to visit Miami for any film-lovers, as the annual city-wide cinema event known as Miami Film Month will be taking over the city. A score of film events, parties, contests, and screenings will occur in a variety of venues, some being housed in genuine historic art cinemas. Even if you’re not particularly into film, the sheer amount of genre-specific film festivals to be featured during the month-long event all but guarantees you’ll find a movie that’ll fit your niche interests.

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FIU Media Arts Festival

  • Where: 400 NW 26th St   (LAB Miami)
  • When: June 27, 2015, 5:30pm-9pm

Want to see what the future minds of media production have in store for the world? Then take a night to check out the FIU Media Arts Festival, an extension of Miami Film Month that specifically showcases the work of the FIU community, from students to alumni. The theme for 2015 is “Fresh From Miami” which will certainly make for an interesting amount of various interpretations.

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Coral Gables Restaurant Week

  • Where: Various Restaurants
  • When: June 8th to June 28th

Over 40 restaurants will be participating in the annual Coral Gables Restaurant Week (which goes on much longer than 7 days) with each offering a special 3-course lunch and dinner menu every single night. Special cocktails and wines will be paired with every meal, making for a food event you won’t want to pass up.

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10th Annual Florida Supercon

  • Where: 1901 Convention Center Drive (Miami Beach Convention Center)
  • When: June 25th to June 28th

When travelling for business, you don’t usually get a chance to unleash your inner geek, but thankfully you’ll have the chance when visiting Miami in June, thanks to the 10th Annual Florida Supercon. The largest comic book convention in Miami, Florida Supercon is a celebration of all things nerdy, with tons of exhibitions, celebrity guests, film screenings, and so much more that will have you geek-ing out with glee.

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Summer Cabaret Concert

  • Where: 16701 SW 72nd Avenue ( Deering Estate at Cutler)
  • When: June 20th at 7pm (show at 8pm)

All summer long, the Deering Estate at Cutler’s hosts a series of Cabaret concerts within the majestic Stone House Ballroom. The season will begin on Saturday, June 20th, which will undoubetly start the summer off right with an amazing musical experience. Be sure to get there a bit early as seating is not reserved, and feel free to bring along snacks and beverages too.

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Our 5 Most Popular Vacation Rentals in South Beach

May 14, 2015
Beautiful Vacation Rental in South Beach

A prime vacation destination for travellers all across North America (and beyond), Miami’s South Beach has never been made more accessible and affordable to visit. Why? Because quality lodging in the sunny city of Miami is available to any travel thanks to the fully furnished apartments provided by Corporate Stays.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’re going to want to stay in an aesthetically pleasing abode that ideally won’t cost a fortune. Hotels are pretty much out of that equation, as any hotel in South Beach is more than a tad pricey. As such, furnished apartments as your best option, letting you travel in luxury while saving some money to spend on drinks at the beach.


To get a sense of the beautiful apartments offered to anyone heading to Miami’s South Beach, check out Corporate Stays’ 5 Most Popular Vacation Rentals in South Beach.


The Etruria Apartment

You won’t even miss your own home when you stay at the Etruria Apartment, because not only does the décor emit a truly homey atmosphere, you’ll have plenty of space and every luxury. For a lot of folks, this spot may even be nicer than you’re actual apartment. Perfect for anyone traveling with friends, you’ll definitely be able to host a group before the beach or after with the spacious living room and kitchen combo, an asset to any who are looking to save money on food and drinks while in Miami.Beautiful vacation rental in south beach

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The Chronos Apartment

Smack dab in the heart of South Beach, you’ll be given every convenience while in the Chronos Apartment. Large windows will let in all the shining sun, the bright colour scheme will ensure the atmosphere is always inviting, and the fully furnished setup (including HDTV cable, WiFi and an appliance-equipped kitchen) promises every moment you’re in the apartment will meet every necessity. Not that you’ll be indoors too much, what with sandy beaches only minutes away.Beautiful Vacation Rental in  South Beach

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The Mermaid Apartment

A hidden gem within the South Beach area, the name of this apartment showcases what you’ll be doing while you’re staying in Miami: swimming. You will live the mermaid life of swaying in the ocean and relaxing on the beach, but don’t think you won’t find the same sense of tranquility within your fully furnished apartment. Not only will you find everything you need in the Mermaid Apartment, you’ll also have access to Corporate Stays concierge service, giving you access to rental cars, tour group reservations, and more.Beautiful Vacation Rental in South Beach

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The RemX Suite

 A definite switch up from your apartment at home, the RemX Suite will have you traveling in style. An original mural graces an entire wall of the fully furnished apartment which will visually bring you to a sunset on the beach, even from the comfort of your bed. A supreme location for anyone staying in the South Beach neighborhood, the RemX Suite is only minutes to the beach by foot and nearby various restaurants, spas, and clubs. No matter your travel-style, whether it be to relax or to party a bit, you’ll find everything you need when staying in the RemX Suite.Beautiful apartment rental in South Beach

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The Evelyn Apartment

Chic and spacious, you may not even want to head out of the Evelyn apartment. Why? Well, the 42” flat-screen and high speed internet will definitely have something to do with it. Enjoy the beach during the day then head into the air conditioned apartment and watch a movie in the evening, it’s a perfect set up. Don’t spend too much time here though, as the Evelyn apartment is incredibly close to the shops, restaurants, cafes and everything else that’s to be found along the pedestrian paradise that is Lincoln Road.evelyn-miami-beach-rental-007-

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Fine Dining in South Beach? Try These Restaurants

May 7, 2015
Trendy Miami Restaurant

South Beach might just be the tropical destination for the luxury experiences. Frequented by tourists, South Beach has hundreds of high end nightclubs, boutiques, and hotels. With a myriad of places to eat at, navigating the restaurant scene can be confusing. Luckily, we’ve found some of the best fine dining establishments to try whenever you’re down at South Beach!


Pied à Terre – French

French cuisine is usually the first thing people think of when someone mentions “fine dining”. Being the only restaurant in Miami to serve contemporary French food, Pied à Terre follows up on the promise of an exceptional and authentic dining experience. They focus on quality, fresh, and flavourful dishes, with classical French cooking techniques. As French cuisine typically does not incorporate creams or uses minimal amounts of butter, you can be sure you’re getting a light and healthy meal.Delicious food Miami beach


OLA – Latin American

With a mouth-watering selection of ceviches, tempting entrées, and Latin cocktails, it’s hard to resist trying out this neighbourhood gem. If you like bold flavours look no further because this establishment has won numerous awards based on just that. Not only that, the atmosphere of the restaurant gives off a warm and comfortable feel. Wonderfully spiced and charmingly served, Latin American cuisine will win anyone over.Delicious Tacos Miami Beach


Katsuya – Japanese

A spirited chorus of “Irashaimase”, a classic Japanese greeting, will welcome you as you enter this sleek and modern establishment. Traditional Japanese cuisine is given a fresh twist here, with speciality signatures like crispy rice with spicy tuna, Katsuya ceviche, and the sunset roll. Served as small platters, it allows guests to have a taste of many different items from the menu. Complementing their enticing dishes is a team of mixologists who have created award winning cocktails, notably the spicy concoction known as the Burning Mandarin.Delicious Sushi in Miami Beach


1826 Restaurant and Lounge – American

A truly upscale dining experience, Trophée Passion gold winner Chef Luke Bergman brings his refined culinary palette to the forefront with a modern American menu. Everything you order is not only delicious, but a marvel to look at as well. Try out the octopus a la planche or zucchini blossoms as a starter, the Long Island duck duo for an entrée, and finish off with one of their many gorgeous desserts.Delicious meal Miami beach


Osteria Del Teatro – Italian

Osteria Del Teatro is no beginner when it comes to praise, awards, and famous guests, being more than 25 years in business. Their quaint Italian pasta and seafood has been continually praised for its excellence and quality, and the service is attentive and friendly. The small size of the restaurant gives it an intimate feel, and numerous positive food critiques have made this place an iconic part of South Beach.Delicious Shrimp Miami Beach


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5 Perks Of Renting A Luxury Furnished Apartment with MyStudioMiami

April 14, 2015
Untitled design(1)

So you’ve decided to venture off to sunny Miami. Good choice. Not only does the city have fantastic weather nearly all year round, there’s also just so much to do in Miami, for any age group. Now that you’re on track for your Miami vacation, all that’s left is to find a place to stay while you’re there.

Your mind no doubt first jumps to a hotel, the traditional and inordinately expensive option. You would stay with a friend in Miami, letting you save some cash while enjoying all the comforts of home, but unfortunately you don’t know a soul in the city. But you do have another option, renting out a furnished apartment with MyStudioMiami, which has the perks of both aforementioned options with none of the negatives. See how below:


Luxury For Less

Finding a fairly priced hotel is a nigh impossible feat, and even if you do find one, chances are the room will be far from luxurious. At MyStudioMiami, you get a fully furnished apartment with so many services included (more on that in a bit) at a much lower cost. Partnering with local suppliers who want to give you a great price for staying at their lodgings via last minute bookings, MyStudioMiami guarantees the lowest cost available. And if you do happen to find a better price, let the MyStudioMiami team know and they’ll match the price and give you a 10% rebate.


Location, Location, Location

What you’re mainly paying for anytime you stay at a hotel is the location, as most major hotels are quite close to Miami’s major attractions. At a MyStudioMiami studio you’ll get the advantage of location, being a short walk from the beach, Lincoln Road, Espanola Way, with many right in the centre of South Beach, at a much lower cost. Plus, you’ll see the city from a citizen’s perspective, not being trapped in the “tourist bubble” that many hotels tend to create.


Services Catered To Your Needs

Before you even choose your furnished apartment, you can filter through lodgings to fit your needs on the MyStudioMiami website, allowing you to choose a studio based on your specific requirements. Once you’re in Miami, the studios are catered to your needs even further. In need of a cellphone? MyStudioMiami will hook you up with one for your stay. Need a babysitter, an ride from the airport, or someone to watch your pet while you’re out? The dedicated concierge service has all that and more covered for you to ensure you’re stress-free on your trip.


Fully Equipped Lodgings

You won’t even miss the comfort of home when you’re staying at a MyStudioMiami studio. Each and every apartment is fully furnished, with bedding equipped for up to four guests, kitchens equipped with everything you need (which will also save you some money by not having to eat out all the time) and a high speed internet connection with a HD TV to boot. Actually, your studio may even be nicer than your place.


A Guaranteed Good Time

With all the aforementioned perks, it’s hard to imagine you’ll have a bad stay at any MyStudioMiami studio. If the impossible does happen, however, MyStudioMiami still has your back. If you arrive and you find your studio to be nothing of what you expected, just get in touch with the MyStudioMiami team and they’ll be happy to offer you a full refund on your stay. Really, you have nothing to lose!



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